Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tub Time!

We have several new bath products in stock!  First, Tummy Tubs!  Tummy Tub® eases the transition from the secure environment of the womb to the outside world. The unique womb shape helps your baby to relax and become calm in the familiar fetal position. Surrounded by water, which stays warmer for longer due to the small surface area, babies feel confident and secure.  Both your baby and you will enjoy this easy to use, safe and relaxing bath for a long time.  You can use the Tummy Tub until age 3 or 35 lbs!   Lots of babies that hate the bath, actually really enjoy the Tummy Tub! 

Here is a video:

We also have the Tummy Tub Steps, which make using the Tummy Tub very easy!   They can also be used as a step stool for kids in the bathroom!  It also has a potty part it comes with so it can be used as a toilet trainer! 

Natural Sea Silk Sponges are soft, gentle and absorbent, perfect for bathing newborns and babies!  It allows for one hand on baby and one hand on the sponge!

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