Monday, March 29, 2010

We have occupancy!

Today was a big day!  Our painting is finished, and our inspection was done and we now have occupancy!  We can open whenever we'd like now!  Looks like our opening will be April 10, with a ribbon cutting at 11:00 am.  Here are new pictures!

Our colors are basically lighter shades of the colors in our logo.  The pink walls are actually a light purple, and the half walls , very back walls are green,  and the side wall with the door is blue.

Here is our counter!!  I love how it turned out!  Big thanks to my brother in law for helping us build it!!

Check out our play area!  That is a chalkboard wall!!!  The kids will love it!

I haven't posted any pictures of our ceilings...aren't they cool?  Vintage tin ceiling!  I love it!

Here is a good shot of the purple color, this is the bathroom door.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The old awning is down!

Looking pretty rough...

Coming soon signs are up!

Walls are getting painted!  This is supposed to be's pretty light though...

Friday, March 12, 2010

The store!

Our store is empty!  Here are some pictures!

The front!

This is the front door, that is Woodward out there :)

This is taken standing at the front door.

This is taken standing at the side door, at the back of the store.  This area will be the play area.

Just another view of the back of the store

And, this is the bathroom.  Yes, I took a picture of the bathroom.  it's nice!  Most of the places we looked at had disgusting bathrooms that needed a lot of work! 

We are going to paint the colors of the logo/website, and are willing to accept any ideas/suggestions!  :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BIG news! And Gro Baby Demonstration

If you haven't heard already, we are opening a brick and mortar store in March or April!!  We will be located at 22446 Woodward Ave, in Ferndale!  We are so excited!!

On to our next diaper demonstration, the Gro Baby Diapering System!


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